Version 1.7 Updates

Please review the changes below! Questions or feedback? Reach out to us via the Contact Page!

User Interface / Menu Changes

Location: Platform

Overview: We’ve updated our platform’s appearance and menu for easier use on both computers and mobile devices. On the top right, you can access your profile, logout, access notification settings, and clock in/out. The time clock icons will indicate your current status.

The menu now has the following new options: Certifications (complimenting the new Certification Submission feature) and External Links (more below!). Additionally, the administrative settings have been renamed for clarity.

User-Submitted Certification Updates

Location: Certifications / Submissions

Overview: Users can now submit their own certifications for review and approval, reducing administrative workload. By navigating to the above link, users can select the certification they’re submitting, input the certification number and expiration, and upload a copy of the certification.

Upon submissions, administrators can review and subsequently approve/deny a submission. Upon approval, the certification is immediately added or updated in the system. We’ve created a Certification Manager admin role for isolated access to this feature’s management.

Assign Multiple Users to Vehicle Monitor

Location: Vehicles / Vehicle Monitor

Overview: Vehicles can now be signed out with two users at a time to more easily view crews.

Public Station Monitor Link

Location: Platform Settings / Configuration

Overview: Administrators can enable access to the Station Monitor link without the need for providers to login or access via an Authorized Device. This is a helpful feature for volunteer departments: providers can quickly view crew status for off duty calls from their mobile devices.

External Links

Location: External Links

Overview: Consolidate all of your agency’s important links in one spot with our External Links feature. Contact your account manager by email or submit a support inquiry with the web url and corresponding title for your agency’s web links to be listed within your platform.