Scheduling Management

Understanding your schedule coverage is important. Responder Admin displays your staffing in a fashion that makes information readily available at a glance with color coding and schedules custom built for your squad. We incorporate a variety of tools for easy reference for you and your staff and offer a user friendly sign-up or bid system.

Color Coded Roles

The primary roles defined by your agency (such as Driver, Medic, or Trainee)  will appear on the schedule with color-coding for easy reference. This feature helps providers and administrators alike easily recognize what resources are available – or missing – with just a glance on the screen.

This color-coding is universal throughout the provider related features on the site, including the user roster. This reinforces the association and contributes to easy, efficient browsing of information throughout the platform.

Recurring and Quick Shifts

When adding a new shift, Schedule Administrators can utilize the Recurring Shift functionality to automatically enter the shift on a regular basis. This can be weekly, biweekly, or at other given intervals as specified. When deleting a shift at a later date, you’re given the option to delete the individual shift or all recurring shifts in that series.

The Quick Shift function allows Schedule Administrators to select a predefined shift rather than manually entering a time frame. Quick Shifts are setup by Responder Admin staff at the direction of your squad and help your staff quickly tab through mundane scheduling work.

Custom Roles

Each squad’s schedule has different needs, and many squads use different titles to describe the various duties of providers. For that reason, when you set up your agency’s account our staff will help you customize your squad roles which will be used in the construction of your schedule.

Each scheduling slot is assigned a role, and each user can be assigned any number of roles by the administrators. Providers who are not assigned the appropriate role are barred from signing up or bidding on those specific shifts. Furthermore, statistics and other data can be sorted and filtered based on provider role.

Time Clock and Payroll

Our Time Clock system allows agencies to track time contributions of volunteer and paid staff alike. Through your administration panel, you can customize different activity categories from which users can select when clocking into the system: IE shift, training, or meetings. Clock-in and Clock-out functionalities can be accessed anywhere or restricted to specific devices, such as the station computer with just a few clicks on your administration panel.

The data logged from providers using the Time Clock feature can be used in a variety of fashions and integrates with a variety of other features on our system. Users can see their time contribution when logging into the system on the User Dashboard: among the various stats displayed are Shift Hours (logged hours on-duty per the schedule) and Service Hours (the amount of time clocked in, regardless of the category/duty).

For career/paid agencies, the premier functionality is for payroll. Responder Admin offers a variety of formats to view and export payroll hours that show activity on a daily basis or alternatively an aggregate view of hours per pay period.

Bidding, Signup, Swapping

Our schedule allows for two basic setups: a signup system where users can independently choose their shifts, a bid system where providers can request and be approved for shifts. In either setup, administrators maintain access to modify, delete, and add shifts at their discretion.

Users can only sign up or bid for shifts that correspond with their roles. For example, a user who is listed only as an EMT cannot sign up for a shift slot delineated as a Medic Shift. In extenuating circumstances, however, an administrator can assign anyone to a shift regardless of general restrictions.

In a system with shift signups enabled, users can independently add and remove shifts so long as the shifts are within the user’s role restrictions.

Bids can be placed at any time, and administrators have a Bid panel where the requests can be reviewed and accepted/denied. Users similarly have a panel that lists their bid history for review.

Monthly Gap Report

Identifying scheduling gaps and soliciting coverage for the shifts can be tasking. Not with Responder Admin.

Our Monthly Gap tool allows schedulers to see scheduling opens on an easy to read calendar that adopts the agency’s color schemes for various roles. With that data, schedulers can export the openings to an email with just one click, and target the providers who can fill the shift.