Response Tracking

Many services rely on pen and paper to record their incident response records. We look forward to changing that.

With the Responder Admin Run Log, you can easily track your responses of all varieties. Customize the form for your agency’s needs, and use the easy to read data to more efficiently schedule trucks and providers as necessary. With the click of a button, you can trend your data and see where your service needs improvements, and where it excels. Additionally, keep track of your volunteer provider’s contributions with no effort.

Run Log Form

Your response demographics are generally recorded for your Patient Care or Fire Reporting charts, and often additionally recorded per state mandate at the agency level. But what does that data do for your squad?

With Responder Admin, you can put that data to use. When your providers spend a few moments entering the base demographics (no HIPAA or other protected data is solicited), the benefits are numerous.

  • Trend your calls for service
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in crew response times and out of service times
  • Identify and trend volunteer participation and response
  • Identify and trend on duty vs off duty responses
  • Quickly review your agency’s daily activity
  • Track vehicle utilization
  • Identify staffing and other resource demands and needs

Customized Forms

We recognize that different squads have different needs. As such, we work with your agency to customize a run for that works for you.

Additionally, we have a robust back-end that administrators can utilize to further customize the run form. Your squad can add and remove transport facilities, dispatch categories, levels of care, and dispositions.

Custom data fields are developed and in final testing before roll-out in version 1.0.6!

Fleet Integration

When your providers complete a run form, they will list the apparatus that responded to the call for service.

This data integrates directly into the Fleet Management system. As a result, administrators can track and trend vehicle usage and review all calls to which a unit has responded with ease. The data is additionally displayed through several graphs demonstrating wear and tear and apparatus utilization to assist your staff in better rotating fleet vehicles

Easy Reference and Searching

A variety of data fields within each run log are search optimized, allowing providers and administrators to sort through thousands of entries with ease. You can quickly sort the responses by date, responding unit, level of care, and even address to find the data you need without wasting valuable time.