Responder Admin

Maine Emergency Squad Expands with Responder Admin

Maine Emergency Squad in the Southern Tier of New York was wrestling with more than three different pieces of software as they worked towards a solution that fit their agency before transitioning to Responder Admin. Director of Operations Chris Dyer says he’s thrilled that they made the switch 3 years ago.

“The system for us serves a lot of functions on top of just scheduling. We use it for our rig checks, we have a monitor in the bays that is used solely for truck sign outs and assignments. The call tracking ability on it is impressive, and we even use it for our payroll.

Since Maine Emergency Squad began its relationship with Responder Admin, the squad has dramatically grown in volume, fleet, territory, and staffing. As the calls for mutual aid increased and the resources began to stretch thin, Chris used the analytics in the Responder Admin platform to demonstrate the growth in volume (and expenses) to the agency’s board and local townships.

Having actual data showing the dramatic change in our calls is the reason we’ve seen our budget increase. We started Responder Admin with two ambulances and one duty crew. We now have 4 ambulances throughout the service area that I can keep an eye on with the Responder Admin monitor right from my phone. I keep track of our paid staff and the volunteers who come out on our off duty calls.”

As Maine EMS grows, so does Responder Admin. Our development team works with Chris and his administration to address new challenges through a variety of features. Each is engineered not only to accomplish Maine’s goals, but to empower our entire client base.