Inventory Management

A simple portable radio can easily expend $300 dollars, ANSI Jackets $400, a cardiac monitor $25,000. As costs in emergency services grow and reimbursement/funding remains stagnant the need to track and maintain equipment is greater than ever.

With our inventory manager, know what equipment you have, and who has it. With easy tracking you can introduce fair accountability on your staff and providers in addition to tracking information relevant to the equipment, including expiration dates.

Inventory Tracking

Responder Admin interface allows agencies to track non-disposable inventory.  Administrators can add items with corresponding manufacturer/model information, serial numbers, expiration dates (if applicable) and any necessary extra information.

Inventory can be assigned to users and returned to the stock on the panel. All transactions are logged for accountability. Additionally, a user’s assigned inventory displays on his or her user dashboard for ease of access.