Fleet Management

Emergency vehicles account for some of the greatest operational expenses. With the Responder Admin interface, you can take control of your fleet and start using data to form better habits with your fleet and mitigate costs.

Beyond the wear and tear of vehicles, we’ll help you track the use of your fleet. Our vehicle monitor shows the real time status of your units as dictated by events, trainings, and user reservations. Track the use of your vehicles with ease, and quickly reference who used which apparatus, when.

Management Panel

The Fleet Management Panel allows administrators to add fleet vehicles and manage them. Through this panel, you can view the vehicle’s activity as logged through system useage and record maintenance.

The Fleet Management system integrates with all functions of Responder Admin. With this integration, you can track and trend multiple aspects of your fleet utilization including non-response usage, response trends, access logs, and maintenance trends including cost over time.

Vehicle Monitor

The Vehicle Monitor is a simple display which delineates the status of fleet vehicles which is optimized for touch screen use for station display.

The Vehicle Monitor is custom designed for your squad with different statuses and corresponding color coding for quick and easy reference. Providers can sign vehicles out for various usage which helps you track vehicle utilization and have permanent logs for accountability.

Vehicle Reservation

The Vehicle Reservation function allows providers to sign out a vehicle for various purposes such as training, public relations, or service and repair. The Reservation feature integrates with the Vehicle Monitor and a number of other system features. This function prevents overbooking resources and helps track and trend vehicle usage through the Fleet Management interface.

The Vehicle Monitor displays the immediate upcoming reservation on the unit display to prevent users from taking a vehicle with an upcoming reservation.

Maintenance Tracking

Our Maintenance Tracking system helps you track and trend your fleet spending and out of service time both graphically and with maintenance logs.

The log tracks expenditures by categories (which can be customized) and additionally tracks service mileage and service dates.