Events Management

Encouraging participation in trainings, meetings, and other auxillary functions of your company is tough enough. Lets take away some of the hassles and capitalize on the technology available.

Connect with your providers. Do away with accidental double bookings on resources. Improve your efficiency in all aspects of training, fundraising, socialization, and more with our Event Management interface.

Color Coding and Icons

Utilize various categories to distinguish your events with corresponding color codes. This feature allows users to quickly view the calendar and distinguish relevant events without spending time searching through events that aren’t relevant to their needs.

Similarly, a variety of icons are available to be assigned to the individual events to further help viewers quickly identify and access events.

While seemingly innocuous, this feature saves valuable time and encourages your staff to stay up-to-date by making mundane tasks more user-friendly

Attendance Tracking

Each event allows the event administrator to dictate whether or not signup is permitted, and if so, what the maximum quantity of attendees is. Once the event is posted, users browsing the event calendar can assign themselves to the event.

This action subsequently lists the user as an attendee on the event for the administrator’s reference and also adds the event to the provider’s User Dashboard with the associated date/time of the event for reference. Administrators can better anticipate the needs related to the event and providers will have a regular reminder of the upcoming event each time they log into the system.

Fleet Integration

Avoid overlap of vehicle scheduling by keeping your providers and staff on the same page. Our Events Management system is fully integrated into the Fleet Management and Vehicle Reservation systems.

Event creators can assign fleet vehicles to events. This action will automatically create a reservation in the system. As a result, on the Vehicle Monitor the vehicles will note the next upcoming event specific to that fleet vehicle and the date/time so that you can avoid double booking apparatus. Additionally, the utilization will be logged into the apparatus history for accountability and usage analytics.

Event Agenda

Many users will be accessing the system while on the go from a mobile device. As such, the Events Calendar feature is optimized for phones. When a user is accessing event listings from a mobile device, the site will automatically display an alternate Event Agenda. This view lists the events chronologically in a simple vertical text display with the appropriate color coding and icons.