Responder Admin

Embry Riddle’s ERT: A Year with Responder Admin

We met the members of Embry Riddle’s volunteer Emergency Response Team at NCEMSF’s Annual Conference in February of 2019, hosted in Pittsburgh. Soon after, we brought them onboard the Responder Admin platform to help address the organization’s growing pains. In addition to the day-to-day stress of maintaining an EMS Agency, the leadership was managing the purchase of a new response vehicle, a growing membership, and growing demand for service.

Not Just an EMS Scheduling Tool

Kieran King, ERAU ERT’s Chief (2018-20) spoke with us about the difficulties he and his team faced as they worked with limited resources to cover their community’s calls for service. With 50-60 members on-call 24/7, finding a balance with volunteering, work, school, and everyday life can be difficult, more so for his leadership team.

“Before Responder Admin, we usually did all paper documents, paper files. Stuff would get lost. Sorting through the documents we had took forever. We tried using some excel sheets, it started to work for us but it still took a ton of time.”

With Responder Admin, Embry Riddle’s ERT was online with most of their records in our system in just a week, even before some of our more recent efficiency tools were in place. The organization uses our scheduling features, certification tracking, and incident response tracking. Kieran regularly used the features to ensure compliance and report back to the organizations that fund and oversee their group.

“Much of your job is to present to the higher ups, the school or the board, public safety. The run logs were key to me. When public safety needed numbers, it was so simple.”

Responder Check: An Innovative Equipment Check Tool

Their favorite functionality, though, is the Responder Check system. Many organizations turn to printed off checklists for their daily gear checks. Some rely on Google Forms or expensive software, but they often find the same problem: the checksheets are stored away with nothing gained.

Responder Check gives agencies real-time information on the readiness of the fleet, upcoming expirations, and equipment that’s deficient or missing. No searching through paper folders and compiling manual lists of what you need to order, and no clunky, expensive interfaces to tolerate.

“The Responder Check made things so much easier. I can tell what equipment we need to order, I can tell when people haven’t finished their duties without searching for the information. It’s definitely our favorite feature... From a chief’s point of view, I’d say every organization needs a system like this.”