System Development

We’re constantly in development, researching new features and functions for our system in addition to tweaks of existing features for optimal user friendliness.

Certification Submissions

In Development: System for users to submit their certifications for validation by administrators.




Notification System

In Testing: Text and email notification system that complies with user-created rules.




911 Text Paging

In Development: 911 text alert paging system.




Version 1.3

Version 1.3.4 is the most current Responder Admin release
1.3.4 Released November 22, 2018. Happy Thanksgiving!


Version Updates
  • New text messaging API for improved messaging performance
  • Comments for manual time clock entries, optional requirement
  • Certification expiration improvements
  • Expired and required certifications prevent clock-in as an option
  • Daily schedule back-end improvement
  • Bulk email improvements
  • Edited validation messages
  • New event calendar styling
  • Improved layout of event details
  • Removed event icons
  • Improved admin setting table layout
  • Updated dashboard accordions

Previous Development Versions

Version 1.2
  • Certification Pivot: new single page display to interact with certifications for all users.
  • User Profile certification editing updated for ease of use.
  • File uploads added to email functionality.
  • New WYSIWYG editor for emails and announcements
  • User homepage aesthetic enhancements.
  • Station Monitor
  • “Set to IP” option for station monitor feature.
  • When editing schedule, after performing an action user will be redirected to last date viewed.
  • Expiration function for demo systems.
  • Menu upgrade: highlight on hover.
  • Automatic signature added to email function
  • Runs can be locked from editing by administrators, new Run Log Administrator created
  • User History entry fix
  • New schedule navigation optimized for mobile devices
  • Missed shift report for administrators. Includes partial shifts and exceptions (suspected erroneous data)
  • Cancel button added for vehicle monitor entries for ease of use
  • ID Number option built in to user profile
  • Custom time filter for Run Log Stats page
  • Custom shift role titles now available for schedule
Version 1.1
  • Swaps/Drops/Bids: full interface for users to change/exchange shifts with administrator approval options
  • Custom Run Log fields now available
  • Monthly Gap Report is now able to be directly emailed to users, exported to tables with style maintained
  • New menu organization
  • Optional manual time clock-ins are labeled for validation
  • Vehicle monitor updates
  • New Credential Roster updates
  • New Time Clock reports optimized for payroll
  • Recurring events and multi-day events
Version 1.0.2 to 1.0.5
  • Added Data table exports (print/copy/excel/csv/pdf)
  • Sort/search friendly table headers added
  • Added Credential Roster
  • New Password Change form
  • New vehicle status modification
  • New Sign-Up modal
  • Shift Observers function
  • Additional user dashboard statistics
  • Administrator view of each user’s dashboard via User Profile
  • Quick shifts added to schedule
  • Access log improvements
  • Event log function improvements
  • More efficient query for retrieving on-duty crew
  • Added back-end framework for custom fields in Run Log/Response Tracking
Version 1.0.1
  • Shift bid framework added on back end (overall feature still in progress)
  • Added schedule FTO indicator
  • Created “Employment Type” for sorting and payroll
  • Added configuration options for Vehicle Maintenance Types
  • Added configuration option for the number of days for certification expiration warning
  • Altered user blocks for icons, FTO role list and sorting on roster
  • Allow date range filtering for time clock
  • Phone numbers reformatted on user list to (xxx) xxx-xxxx