Analytics and Reporting

Regardless of the funding mechanisms of your organization, data is money. As funding decreases with declining reimbursement, be prepared to readily develop a plan to justify your expenses, whether for apparatus, equipment, or providers.

Responder Admin Solutions is working to develop analytics for all the data you have to offer. We take the information that already exists for your service and provide it in an easy to reference fashion so that you can make informed decisions on the future of your squad. .

User Dashboard

When users login to the system, the User Dashboard is the homepage. The dashboard is a one-stop shop for all information pertinent to the user both targeted and general.

The left half of the display is dedicated to user specific information: upcoming shift information, upcoming events, assigned inventory, upcoming vehicle reservations, and certifications. The dashboard will alert users to impending expiration and other time-sensitive information.

The right half of the display is general agency information dictated by the system administrator. There are three tabs that you can customize to your needs: the feature is powered by a simple text editor in which you can insert a variety of content including tables and images.

The bottom portion of the dashboard is dedicated to analytics. Different icons and graphs show the user his or her participation and activity, including service hours, shift hours, total calls to which the provider has responded, and a graphical representation of responses over time. The panel will even show the provider the breakdown of roles on the aggregate calls so he or she can gauge experience and contributions.

These statistics are viewable by administrators and are a great resource for incentive programs for volunteer corporations.

Fleet Analytics

The Fleet Analytics page is a great resource to better manage your fleet utilization and rotation. Our graphs and data demonstrate the wear and tear on vehicles over time, and the data can be targeted to certain date ranges for comparison over time.

Furthermore, the system helps demonstrate the cost of vehicle repairs relative to vehicle utilization in addition to showing the out of service time relative to cost. These tools can help your squad better rotate and deploy apparatus to mitigate wear and tear while recognizing when your money is working against you, not for you.

Response Analytics

Make staffing and resource allocation decisions based on data, not anecdote. The Response Analytics feature utilizes data in the Run Log to give real time overviews of your agency’s response statistics.

The system shows average times for response to-scene, on-scene time, and turn around time at the destination facility. It breaks down statistics on your destinations, call dispositions, and even shows a graphical representation of the types of activations to which your service responds.