Our Product

Responder Admin started as various applications developed for our volunteer squad while we were students. The goal was to increase efficiency and make decisions for our squad based off of real data, not anecdote. Today, Responder Admin is a cohesive web-based system that consolidates our solutions for your squad. Track your personnel, your schedule, your fleet, and your resources and use our real-time data analytics to better run your squad.

Schedule Management

Texting and Mailing

TimeClock / Payroll

Response Tracking

Provider Management

Analytics / Reporting

Fleet Management

Events Management

Senior Team Members

Keith Chason, FF/AEMT/EMD

CEO | Founder

Keith is responsible for the coding of the Responder Admin interface. He is a Fire Lieutenant, AEMT-CC, and Dispatcher in Broome County. Keith attended Binghamton University where he earned a degree in Computer Science and served as Chief of Harpur’s Ferry Ambulance and as an IT Coordinator for Several organizations.

Steve Sculley, Paramedic

COO | Founder

Steve manages the business aspects of Responder Admin and assists in the development of the interface. Steve works as a Paramedic and volunteers as an EMS Captain in Broome County, where he attended Binghamton University. He served as Chief of Harpur’s Ferry Ambulance in addition to other various leadership roles.

Bill McLaughlin, FF/EMT

Testing Engineer

Bill assists in the development of and testing of Responder Admin features in addition to managing our technical support. Bill is a Senior Computer Science major at Binghamton University. Bill is a firefighter, FAST Team member, and an AEMT-CC. Bill volunteers at several local EMS squads in Broome County.

Gideon Peet, EMD/Paramedic

Full Stack Developer

Gideon develops Responder Admin features and oversees their testing and deployment. Gideon started as an EMT at Harpur’s Ferry Ambulance at Binghamton University. He’s worked as a county 911 dispatcher and as a paramedic. Gideon is currently studying as a medical student at St George’s University.

Ben Barone, FF/Paramedic

Application Developer

Ben designs and builds our mobile application in addition to contributing to the development of the Responder Admin system. Ben works as an engineer and graduated from Binghamton University, where he was Deputy Chief of Harpur’s Ferry Ambulance. Ben is an active volunteer firefighter and paramedic in the Southern Tier.

Rebecca Monachelli, AEMT-CC

Sales Associate

Rebecca is your first contact with the Responder Admin team and is responsible for sales. She works in the Southern Tier of New York in sales and has a long history in emergency services. Rebecca is an AEMT- Criticial Care and volunteers at several agencies, she also serves as an EMS Lieutenant.